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Hi there!

Thank you for visiting our blog! We really hope you like what you have seen so far! If you’re here, we guess you are curious to find out who is behind Put The Suit Away! We are Alex and Nanda (Hi guys!). One is Brazilian, the other French, but we’ll let you figure out who’s who. 😉 We met about 2 years ago in the Philippines and have been together since.

The name Put The Suit Away came up as Alex was ironing his shirts, while getting ready for work. At that time, we’d already made up our minds about leaving everything behind and starting a new life where we do what we are passionate about. We were looking for a name that described best how we felt. The fact that we are so focused on our careers and future and tend to forget to enjoy simple things in life.

The words Put The Suit Away are there to remind us that sometimes it’s good to sit back and relax. We also hope light up that spark hidden inside of you with some travel inspiration!

So without further ado, let us introduce ourselves more in details!


The organized one of the couple.

I moved to the Philippines after graduating to pursue a career in Digital Marketing while combining my love for traveling and discovering new cultures. I found my passion for making videos and photography when I started exploring beautiful islands on my free time. I got a GoPro and started filming my adventures to share with my friends.

Crossing paths with Nanda and her thirst for adventures only confirmed that we were meant to meet and explore the world together!

Things I like:

I consider myself an super active person. I basically always LOVE to do stuff!

From Surfing to Diving or anything related to the ocean. Also Vietnamese spring rolls is my favorite food in the world…along with sushis…and tacos…and kinilaw…

Things I don’t like:

Staying quiet in my towel for more than 5 minutes and cheese (Yeah I know I’m French. How can I not like cheese?)


The go-with-flow one of the couple

I’m from Southeast Brazil but not close to the beach, which sucks… In 2012, I moved to China to pursue modeling. I fell in love with this country and wound up staying two and half years. From one opportunity to another, I moved to the Philippines in 2014 where I met Alex while we were both learning wakeboarding.

I think that what brought us together is our love for travel and adventures, and I hope to take you guys on the journey with us!

Things I like:

What matters the most to me is helping the less fortunate, especially kids. I also enjoy learning something every day and meeting new people with great stories. But my first love is Nutella!

P.S.: Some Nutella by the beach is my best scenario to relax. 😉

Things I don’t like:

Negativity and spicy food (I actually don’t know how I fell in love with China when I consider pepper to be too spicy). Also, I’m not such a big fan of football (I know I’m Brazilian…)

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